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String Art

We handcraft 3D works of art made from wood, yarn & nails, based on our personal collection of illustrations and a glimpse of improvisation!


We use a variety of techniques to create outstanding artifacts that give the idea of 3D objects that pop out from the wall:

Representing an Illustration

Having an Illustration as a starting point, we mark a solid piece of wood with nails, creating the outline of the drawing. Then we fill and fill and fill and guess what... we fill (!) it with yarn of different colours until it looks full enough to stop filling it

Abstract Lines
Having a piece of thread as a starting point, we make one wind around each nail of a wooden piece, creating random repeating patterns.

Negative Space

Having an illustration as a starting point, which we outline it with nails on a wooden piece, we start filling the outside of it, so that the final result is the negative representation of out illustration.




The string art pieces are made with materials of the finest quality. We use:

100% vegetable silk
(acetate), 18mm Plywood (a material manufactured from thin layers of wood veneer. The cross-grained nature of the structure of plywood makes it one of the most strongest types of wood. Plywood is also much lighter when compared to solid wood, with great appearance), 20mm Wire Nails (these nails are built with a large nail head which ensures the thread stays intact. The design of these nails provide the perfect balance of strength and appearance), Water based paint and Wood Stain (this is what gives the plywood its distinctive finish, making the board contrast nicely with the artwork), Super Glue (to ensure the product lasts long, each thread knot has been secured with super glue which bonds the thread to the nail)

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